Sexual Perversions (Paraphilias)

It is a condition in which a person's sexual arousal and gratification depend on a fantasy theme of an unusual sexual experiences.
The nature of a paraphilia is generally specific. Most of the paraphilias are far more common in men than in women.
They are also called as Deviations or Perversions.

1) Sadism : An emotional condition in which pleasure is derived from inflicting pain to the other individual. It is not only restricted to the sexual act alone. Biting, scratching, flogs, ill treatment etc. are the example of sadistic behavior. In severe cases, lust murder is also seen.

2) Masochism : A condition in which a person sexual arousal from being hurt or humiliated. Often it co-exists with Sadism.

3) Exhibitionism : A condition where the sexual desire consists principally of the exhibition of the genitals with or without performance of masturbatory act in presence of other persons.

This behavior cause impairment in social, occupational and other imp areas.

  • Most men having this tendency are timid, shy, withdrawn individuals often have difficulties in developing relationship with other individuals
  • Often they are unsuccessful in attracting the partners.
  • Done at a place so as to shock or create horror in condition where she is alone and can not avoid him

4) Fetishism : Sexual gratification is associated with contact or sight of certain female parts of the body or clothing or other articles known as fetish objects.
The pursuit of the fetish object is carried out without relation to the whole person.
Body parts- breasts, legs, Kerchief, Clothing ( esp. undergarments), dupattas, Shoes, hairs are the common fetish.
Often tend to break law and commit offences against public decency.

5) Voyeurism : The desire to observe the genitalia or to watch sexual act of unsuspecting other individuals. Also known as Scoptophilia.
The individuals are known as Peeping toms.
This is the exclusive mode of obtaining sexual gratification.
Group sex is an example of mutual voyeurism.

6) Frotteurism : It is a compulsion to rub the genitalia against another non-consenting person usually in crowded places.

7) Transvestism : A condition where a male find sexual pleasure in wearing the female garments.
Often associated with gender dysphoria

8) Pedophilia : Abnormal liking for sexual activity with pre-pubescent children (13 and below).
The perpetror is more than 16 yrs of age and the victim is at least 5 yrs younger to the perpetror.
Covered under 377 IPC

9) Urolagnia (Coprophilia): Sexual excitement is provoked by the sight or odor of stool or urine of the partner

10) Uranism : Obtaining sexual gratification from fingering, licking etc. No more considered as perversion

11) Necrophilia : Extreme sadism where sexual intercourse is performed with the dead body

12) Necrophagia : After killing tendency to tear out the genitals or other organs and eat flesh to satisfy the sexual desire

13) Obscene phone calls

14) Bestiality : Sex with other animals

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