The word 'homosexual' comes from the Greek root. 'homo' meaning same. It's a noun that describes men or women who have a preferential sexual attraction towards the people of their own sex over a significant period of time. Homosexuality between two males is also known as "Gay" orientation whereas the same between two females is known as "Lesbian" orientation.

Some individuals, men and women, are sexually attracted to people of either sex are known as "Bisexuals."

Although, homosexual behavior has existed throughout history all across the globe, most of the countries, including India, condemn the act of homosexuality. In 1974, The American Psychiatric Association officially decided that homosexuality was not an illness. Afterwards, more and more countries, uphold the civil rights of homosexuals. Many countries have stopped discriminating people on the basis of their sexual preferences.
In India, the act of homosexuality is considered as "an un-natural sexual offence"

Theories of origin of homosexuality:

Despite extensive research, there is no firm agreement about what causes homosexuality. Many views are postulated.

1) Genetic theory: Many homosexuals claim that their sexual orientation is the result of biological forces over which they have no control or choice. They are born with genetic program to have same sex preferences.

2) Hormonal factors theory : this theory speculates that prenatal sex hormone excess or deficiency in humans may be associated with homosexuality.

3) Psychological theory : Disturbed parent-child relations might lead to homosexuality. It was found that many of the homosexual men had overprotective, dominant mothers and weak or passive fathers. Some suggested that homosexuality results from fears of heterosexual interactions.

4) Behavioral Psychology : Sexual fantasies can be conditioned. A positive sexual encounter with a homosexual partner can become the source of fantasy during masturbation, which is reinforced when it is followed by orgasm.

Homosexual Behaviour

In the initial stages of sexual interaction, most committed homosexual couples begin with a generalized approach of hugging, caressing or kissing, nipple stimulations etc. Mutual masturbation and Fellatio (oral sex for penile stimulation) seems to be the most common form of gay male sexual activity.

Anal Intercourse (sodomy) is another common male homosexual practice. The active agent is the one who performs the act and the passive agent is the one on whom the act is performed. When performed on a female partner, it is termed as Buggery. And when performed on a young boy, termed as Pederasty. Mutual genital stimulations and Cunnilingus (oral sex for clitoral stimulation) are the common female homosexual behaviors.

Psychological Adjustments of Homosexuals

  • Most of the societies are still Anti-homosexual (Homophobic). It is considered a crime, sin, nuisance, illness. Hence, often they constantly struggle in marriage, family, friend circle, job and society.
  • Tendency not to disclose their identity.
  • Tendency for multiple partners. Stable relationship is rare.
  • Female homosexuals hardly come forward for treatment.
  • Some people, who remain away from the opposite sex for longer periods like jail inmates, armed forces personals, sailors etc. may be Situational Homosexuals meaning they get aroused by the person of same sex when opposite sex in not available.

Management of Homosexual clients

It should be kept in the mind that homosexuality is not a disease.
Only those individuals who are not comfortable with their own sexuality and those who wants to be heterosexual can go for the therapy. These are Ego-dystonic people. The remaining are Ego-syntonic who enjoy their homosexuality comfortably and never want to change themselves. (see chart below)

Gradual Systemic De-sensitization is a kind of behavioral therapy which can be attempted in selected cases. Patients are taught to feel relaxed. In relaxed frame of mind they are taught to have heterosexual fantasy. Those bisexual individuals who have some interest in opposite sex can be benefited.

Various psycho dynamically and analytically oriented therapies are practiced by trained psychotherapists in which meaning of homosexuality, motives, pattern of relationship and early experiences of life are exposed.

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