Myths and Misconceptions about sexuality

In a country like ours, where SEX is still considered a taboo in majority of its parts with repressive culture, in absence of formal Sexuality education and rampant quackery, IGNORANCE and MISINTERPRETATION about the matters related to sexuality is easily found. Many of the Sexual Dysfunctions of adults have their aetiologic factors in these myths and Misconceptions about sexuality.

Semen related myths :

  • Loss of semen if loss of vitality
  • Nocturnal emissions are serious diseases
  • Thin semen means sexual weakness

Penis related myths :

  • Bigger the penis, more sexual pleasure
  • Penis should be absolutely straight
  • Visible veins on the penis denotes weakness

Masturbation related myths :

  • Masturbation is a harmful practice, it leads to variety of psychological and physical ailments
  • Confusion about the methods and frequency of masturbation

Penis Erection Myths :

  • A man can have instant erection at any time, anywhere, with anyone
  • It should be hard as steel rod
  • Once erect, it should never exhaust

Menstruation related myths :

  • Menstrual blood is dirty and should flow in large quantity
  • Sex during menstruation leads to weakness
  • Sex during menstruation leads to pregnancy

Hymen related myths :

  • Intact hymen is the sign of virginity
  • A woman should bleed and should have pain on first coitus because of hymen rupture. Absence of it means promiscuity

General :

  • Sex is dirty. Good persons don't indulge in sex
  • To learn about sex, one must see blue films
  • Women's "no" means "yes"

Like these, there are innumerable myths, which can disturb the healthy person and his/her sexual performance.

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