Sexology in Harmony

Address :
1) 3/16, Gokul Niwas,
Ranade Road,
Dadar (West) Mumbai 400028.

2) Rose Petal Nursing Home,
NandDham, L T Road,
Borivali (West) Mumbai 400092.

Telephone : +91-22-24330606, +91-9869030809


The clinic is exclusively dedicated for the sexual dysfunctions and male infertility in the most scientific way with state of the art diagnostic equipments and the personal care.

Dr Shirish Malde

Therapist in Mumbai since last 12 years. He has been trained at the Center for Male Reproductive & Sexual Medicine and Medikon Sexual Sciences. Also he has received a training in the Personal Counselling at the Xavier's Institute of Counselling. He is a Diplomat of The American Board of Sexology.

He is founder Secretary of Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors & Therapists(ASECT).

He is a Fellow of Council for Sex Education and Parenthood International (CSEPI) and Consultant to Family Planning Association of India (FPAI)’s Sex Education, Counselling, Research and Therapy Center.

He is continuously striving to enhance awareness about the Reproductive and Sexual Health in the community. He has taken a number of educational programs in the field for the people of various locations and locations.

Also, he is actively involved in training medical and paramedical, peripheral and institutional health workers from various healthcare providing agencies, NGOs and telephone helpline organizations. He makes very good use of his counseling skills and pharmacotherapeutics, thus helping many couples restore their sexual life.

He has organized several seminars, talks and panel discussion with eminent personalities on the various topics covering sexuality. He is writing several informative articles in leading magazines and newspapers.

He is running a unique telephonic helpline since 1999 to provide information, guidance and counseling. It is very popular and has answered more than 55,000 distress calls till date.

He has presented scientific papers at the national, international platforms and won prizes too. He was involved in the clinical trials of Sildenafil (VIAGRA) and Vardenafil (LEVITRA). Recognising his contributions in the field of sexual medicine and community, he has received an award from CSEPI.

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