Male Sexual and Reproductive System

Male Sexual Anatomy :

The male sexual organs are more visible and accessible.
The male sexual organs consists of 1)Penis 2)Testes 3)Scrotum 4)Vas Deferens 5)Seminal Vesicles 6)Ejaculatory ducts 7)Prostate 8)Bulbourethral glands 9)Breasts

Penis : The penis is an external organ that consists primarily of three parallel cylinders of spongy tissue bound in thick membrane sheaths. The two corpora cavernosa are erectile spongy tissues which lie adjacent to each other and a third Corpora Spongiosum contains the urethra and is enlarged to form the tip or Glans Penis. This region has a higher concentration of sensory nerve endings and is thus sensitive to physical stimulations.
At the root of the penis the two corpora cavernosa are attached to the pelvic bones. The skin that covers the penis is freely movable and forms the Foreskin or Prepuce. The underneath of foreskin secretes Smegma which is a naturally occurring substance of cheesy consistency made up of oily secretions, skin cells, dirt particles, sweat etc.

Testes : They are the male reproductive glands. They are oval shaped enclosed in a pouch called Scrotum and are suspended by the Spermatic cords. The one of the testis may hang lower than the other. The testis consists of two groups of cells. One group of cells known as Leydig cells secreting the hormone called TESTOSTERONE, which is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics. The other group is known as Seminiferous tubules which produce spermatozoa. The entire process of sperm production takes about seventy two days. Each ejaculation of male consists of millions of sperms. The sperms are microscopic cells consisting of three pieces : Head-containing genetic material (chromosomes) and acrosome. The midpiece (body) contains mitochondria containing energy system and the Tail-which causes movement of the sperm by lashing.

Scrotum : It is a thin skin pouch in which testes and part of spermatic chords are suspended. The skin is thin, wrinkled and have a thin layer of Dartos muscles which takes vital part in thermoregulation of the testes.

Epididymis & Vas deferens : The seminiferous tubules open into Epididymis which is a convoluted structure folded against the back surface of each testes. Sperms generally spends several weeks traveling slowly through the epididymis as they reach full maturation. From here they are carried to the Vas deferens which leave the scrotum and runs along the groin and enter the pelvis through a small opening called Inguinal ring.

Seminal Vesicles : These are inverted pouch like glands secreting seminal fluid. The lower end carries the secretion into Ejaculatory ducts which open into Prostatic urethra.

Prostate : It is a fibro-musculo-glandular organ surrounding the neck of the bladder and the urethra.

Bulbo-urethral Glands (Cowper's glands) : are two small glands connected to the urethra just below prostate. They secret a few drops of fluid which appear at the tip of penis during sexual arousal.

SEMEN : is a thick whitish fluid consisting of Sperms, secretions of seminal vesicles and prostate. The average quantity of semen in an ejaculation is about 1-4ml. Sperm count below 20millions per ml reduces the fertility potential of a man.

Breasts : the male breasts have nipple and areola but little glandular tissue and fat. They are less sensitive to touch and pressure. Sometimes one or both the breasts of a male may become enlarged in puberty causing Gynaecomastia.

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