It is a process about creating new perspectives and change. The change may be inside the person or it may be in helping them to change an aspect of their behavior.
The goal is to achieve better personal adjustment and growth by stimulating the person to exploit his/her potential and use more of his/her resources

The theory of counseling is based on the belief that 'Human beings have an innate potential for positive personality change.' Hence, the role of the counselor is to provide the client with a situation where growth and change can occur.
For psycho-sexual counseling, 'behavioral approach' is seen to be more useful. This approach arises from 'learning theory' and is based on the following beliefs

  • Human behavior is learned
  • Maladaptive behavior can be unlearned
  • More positive behavior can be substituted.

Here one focuses on a specific sexual problem and manage that rather than attempting to promote or bring about a major personality change. Sex counselor also has to be sexuality educator since many sexual problems arise out of ignorance about the sexual responses.

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